Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garden of Eden (2009)

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Garden of Eden consists of live grass, a 3D printed fountain with hand sanitizing liquid instead real water, video projection and sound. While standing on the lawn, watching the video of a garden with roses, one almost expects to feel their beautiful scent. But in reality, the viewer feels just the strong smell of the disinfecting chemical.

Eden or Paradise has its origins in Hebrew, which translates as “delight.” According to the old myth, this garden was here before God created human beings. It was an allegory of the ideal spotless world. It was a place of rest and spirituality but also the witness of the first sin. In an architectural sense, such garden represents our idealized conquered and controlled place for interaction between our Inner and the Outer World. Historically, the garden became part of our home at the backyard. Mostly is modest, but still keeps many of its primal meanings. Still, it is our sanctuary, now placed between the natural and urban, between Public and Private. Between the Society and Us.
Sometimes it happens that our own Garden of Eden is infiltrated from the Outside and we are trying to protect it. Sometimes we are protecting this place so much, that our care is starting to threaten the garden itself. As a result, this perfect piece of conquered and controlled nature, our safe sanctuary, begins to turn upside down because of our paranoia of the Outside.

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