Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eco Think Tank (2008)


The goal of "Eco Think Tank" is to inspire thinking and development of energy efficiency thru alternative modes of transportation, and building environmental and ecological attitudes.
"Eco Think Tank" is a modification of Krzystof Wodiczko's Critical Vehicle. Wodiczko's vehicle is intended for exclusive use by an artist or a philosopher, who is supposed to walk up and down the tilting platform. This "thinking-like" movement is then transmitted by a system of gears to the wheels causing a seesaw movement straight forward in one direction only. Wodiczko was thinking about artists and intellectuals as the only agents which can advance the society. The artist on the platform is "on the road of progress picking up speed to a better future." My goal, however, was to translate the vehicle into much cheaper materials and make it available not only to artists and philosophers but everyone. Passengers of the Eco Think Tank could take a ride only under one condition: while on the platform, the rider had to think about ecology and ecological modes of transportation.
Moving this upgraded platform forward, an ordinary community member can be the one "on the road of progress picking up speed to a better future," not exclusively artists or philosophers. I am thinking about everyone as a possible agent that could lead the society to progress cleaner and healthier future.

To accommodate the "Eco Think Tank," the traffic at some streets in the city had to redirected.

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